Pies for the Fair: Part 2

Fair Pies in basketsFour pies all ready to go to the Clallam County Fair.

After a few hours of sleep (remember I was up until 3AM baking!), I could hear the kitchen calling to me to tidy up, both me and the counters!

The pie baking session had gone long and late pie the night before and I had a blast doing it. Kind of like revisiting what it was like b before a college final.

By 11AM I had the pies, safely tucked one to a basket, into to the back of Emily, my blue Prius.

Just as I was about to leave for the short journey to the fairgrounds, one of my neighbors drove by and wished me well which brought a smile to my face and gave me a boost of confidence.

Once I got there, there was the challenge of getting all four pies into the Home Arts building.  I must have looked a site walking in with pie baskets hung over each arm and one in each hand.

It wasn’t too far down the main path, and walking slowly and carefully, lest I trip and enter fruit crumbles instead of pies, I made it to the entry table.

There were entry papers to fill out for each pie. Nerves must have really been setting in since I seemed to no longer know how to spell.

I finally got the papers completed and turned them into the fair official, a very kind smiling woman who assured me that the pies would pie well taken care of. Even so, leaving them felt a lot like leaving my babies off for their first day of school.

Then the waiting.

The judging wasn’t until the next morning and results…well, I would know on the first day of the Fair. That day couldn’t come soon enough for me, but I had plenty to do until then and tried not to think too much about my pies.

Come Thursday, I was out at the Fairgrounds by 11:30AM and back in the Home Arts Building.

The baked goods were all together in the back RH corner of a long room that houses, in addition to baking, the sewing, quilting, jewelry making, and canning to name a few.

Not wanting to appear too anxious, I walked slowly around the three sided case full of pies and other baked goods. I saw one pie, the blueberry, with a blue ribbon tucked under the white paper plate that held the slice that had been cut for display . Looking further on, the rhubarb, with one too and next to it, the blackberry with another blue. Three blue ribbons!

But, I couldn’t find the pie that last pie…the sour cherry… that I baked when something inside me said do just one more.”

Best in ShowI asked the fair official. She thought it had to be there somewhere. So, I went back and searched again.

How could I have missed it! There it was, that late night, sour cherry pie made with Roger’s Montmorency cherries; the first pie in the case, sitting on the top shelf with not only a blue ribbon but a big green and white one for Best in Show!


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    WOW! What an exciting story to read! I have to admit, it would be VERY hard for me to give up those cherries for a pie for the fair since you DON’T get to EAT it!! At least, not at our fair. Yes, you can have the rest of your pie back but it has been sitting in a HOT pole building for days and has flies all over it! Gah! But a big rosette makes it worth it!

  2. says

    Yes, my 12th edition of Fannie Farmer is stained! That’s the version I grew up with and my Dad still treasures. I only found my own copy at a garage sale recently–it’s riddled with notes from another home cook.

    Could you do a little post on YOUR favorite type of pie pan…which do YOU prefer?? Perforated tin? Glass? Ceramic??? Best pies??

    That’s very very interesting about Sumner. I had no idea. That link is fascinating. I just love the vintage/historical pictures and the labels.

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    Congratulations on all of your ribbons. This is my first time visiting. I love pies oh how I wish you lived in the Chicago area. I grew up loving my grandma’s pies, but have never been good at mastering the crust to make it at least round. smile… I’ll be back to visit. Enjoy and make it a golden day! xoxo

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    Congratulations! How exciting! Your blog and pictures have inspired me to gather my vintage pie pans and get going–yesterday I made the Fannie Farmer Open Blueberry Pie from the 1979 edition! Easy and excellent.
    To highlight your achievement, you should now create a ribbon icon for your website!

    Missy Trainer

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