Rolling Pins

IMG_0426I’ve rolled out pie crusts with a number of pins…and other things.

Marble pins
Big wooden pins
Small wooden pins
Tapered pins
Pins with handles
Pins without handles
A chilled bottle of Pinot Gris (works just great!)

But, my favorite is this sturdy little one. Just 5-1/2 inches in length, the bright red handles, proportionally sized, add a total of 6 more inches.

It is the most treasured item from my kitchen.

Having the right tool and a tool of the right size is important. So when my son, Duncan, was four years old, I gave him this pin in hopes that he would find baking as fun as I do.  We spent alot of happy hours baking together in our kitchen.

At 22, he continues to bake
some with recipes…most without.


Duncan “took” to baking.
I like to think that this little pin had something to do with that.

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  1. Omma says

    I think I was 20 when I discovered how handy a stoppered leftover wine bottle filled with ice water was for rolling out crusts. That was 49 years ago . . .

    I must have had LOTS of fun!

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