On the Road

The road...

As I wrote the words “On the Road” I thought that what I would be sharing with you is that Kate and I are heading up to The School of Artisan Food at Welbeck Abbey, a three hour drive from where I am now in southwest England. But, as I typed them, they seemed to […]

Pie By in France

Secrecy is important in doing a Pie-By.

A Pie By in France This post is dedicated to my friend Maggie Finefrock who taught me many years ago that we can change the world in many small ways. Today Kate Hill* became a full-fledged member in good standing of the “Pie By” Club. We left a just-baked apple pie at the home of […]

Worn Smooth


In the big 300 year-old fireplace downstairs a fire burns and crackles, warming the house and I am tucked away in my little bedroom at the top of the stairs above the Kitchen at Camont. The rain has started. I can hear the gentle pattering of drops on the leaves outside my window. I wonder […]