Pie A la Road Starts Tomorrow!

Ready for a La Road!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s really here. Tomorrow morning, my pie assistants, Duncan and Robin and I, leave on the very first Pie A la Road Trip to California. We’re packing the car as I type this, double-checking our lists of equipment and supplies, addresses and directions to each of 8 locations from Danville to […]

IT’S PI DAY 2014

It’s Pi Day 2014 …and I won’t pretend to understand how it is that 3.14 goes on forever and ever. Pi Day 2014 is no exception to that fact that when the big day comes around, and all the days preceding, the big thought just boggles my mind. Last weekend I watched the first episode of […]

A Pie Cottage Pilgrimage

Kate McDermott's Pie Cottage

I love it when visitors come to Pie Cottage! It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to share everything about it that makes it so special to me. Plus, you know how it is when you have company coming. Everything gets cleaned, put away, and tidied. Several weeks ago, food friends Tom Conway and Linda Nygaard made […]

To Pie or Not To Pie


Sometimes you just gotta make a pie and nothing else will do. A friend in need. A birthday. An anniversary celebration. A potluck gathering with friends. The school bake sale. A welcome for a new neighbor. Aren’t there times when you would just love to go into the kitchen and get right to rolling out […]