Easing on Down the Pieway


Easing on Down the Pieway After 8 hour driving days to get to California, we were easing on down the pieway to Los Angeles in less than 6 hours! The night before our first Los Angeles workshop, we hooked up with our host at the absolutely most charming beach cottage imaginable. If there is a California version of Pie Cottage, this has […]

Sadie’s Cookies


When I was a little girl I lived next door to our family business, McDermott Colonial Mortuary in Santa Barbara. My father, Thomas Joseph McDermott was a mortician as was his father, Charles Stephen McDemott. Charles moved from Morris, IL with his wife, Hanora in 1906, to open McDermott Undertaking Co. on the corner of […]

I’m Ready


My goodness! After traveling for 5+ weeks it takes a bit of time to catch my breath, catch up on sleep and daily tasks…like bills, laundry and groceries. As you know, I had an unexpected trip to Santa Barbara right after I returned from Pig, Pig & Eye in France. My step-dad, Jerry, is doing […]

The Find-It Gene

The first page I found at the junk store. Vesta is in red. Mrs. Anderson is in yellow.

 The Find-It Gene There are traits that seem to run in families, like sibs who all have the same color hair, crooked smile and silly sense of humor. One trait or talent that I’m most proud of passing on is what I call “The Find-It Gene”. Along with the curly hair of my youth and talent […]