Ruth Reichl and me making pie.

Ruth Reichl and Kate McDermott making pie together.

“I’ve been baking pies my entire life, but making them with Kate was a liberating experience. With pioneer spirit she throws the textbook out the window and comes up with absolutely perfect crust filled with fruit that actually sings to you telling you when it’s ready to be removed from the oven. Great fun and great food.” Ruth Reichl, Former Editor in Chief, Gourmet Magazine, New York, NY

“I would do anything to take an Art of the Pie Class from Kate!” Dorie Greenspan, Author, “Around My French Table”, New York and Paris

“Kate’s pie is the best goddamned pie on God’s green earth.” Jackie Baisa, Issaquah, WA



Chris Curtis and One of Kate’s Apple Pies

“It was the perfect pie – at the end of a perfect afternoon. I hope the world will be able to share that recipe – If they all can’t get a slice for themselves.” Chris Curtis, Director, Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, Seattle, WA

“Crumbly, sweet, and infinitely delicious, this was The World’s Best Pie.” —Eagranie Yuh, The Well-Tempered Chocolatier, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I just want to quit my job and make pies!” —Ellen Terry, Seattle, WA


Tess Masters-The Blender Girl (far left), Elise Bauer-Simply Recipes (far right)

“Thankyou SO much for sharing your incredible knowledge, enthusiasm, good humour, and passion for ‘all things PIE’ with us. I still can’t wipe the smile off my face after such a sensational class. I can’t wait to bring you down to L.A for another one!” Tess Masters, (The Blender Girl), Los Angeles, CA

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to learn how to make a great pie!  From the most experienced pie maker, to the first time pie maker you will love this class and learn something.  Kate is a wonderful teacher. She shows you first, then helps you through the process.  Each participant learns at her/his level.  So many useful tips and I loved the conversation while the pies were  baking!!  You will not have a more enjoyable, joyful experience in an afternoon!  I promise you will LOVE it!!!!!” —-Rosalie Baker, Fresno, CA

“I have made so many pies since participating in your workshop at the pie cottage. You gave me the confidence to make pies for all my friends and family.” — Carolyn Holmes, St George, Utah

“Thank you again for the wonderful class today. My mom and I had such a great time!! We are excited to practice our new pie skills, especially with all of the delicious summer fruit that will be available! I will definitely be taking my pie pan to the farmer’s market from now on :)”—Erin Palermo, Santa Monica, CA

 “A greeting card I’ve seen pictures a 1950’s housewife about to put a pie in the oven, surmising it must be “some ancient ritual.” Truly, in these times pie making is an art. How can something with so few ingredients be so hard? That is why my son from Colorado and I (from Austin), met in Seattle to attend Kate’s class. The weather was beautiful, the seafood exceptional, and the ferry ride lovely. Then, of course, we still had a little ride to Kate’s cottage. It was so worth it. She made pie- making fun. It’s all about the “feel” of the dough. We produced perfect pies. We were so proud! Would I recommend Kate’s pie classes? Absolutely! ” —Sheila Atkinson, Austin, TX

“Life is good when one bakes pie! It is the magic of life!” —Ann Ausich, Rio Vista, CA

“Dear Kate, Thanks so much for the amazing lesson yesterday. I learned so much! My family loved the pie and said it was the best pie I ever made. It was really delicious and flaky. So worth the 6  hr drive! I will remember above all to “Chill!”, which works well both in life and pie making.”—Karen Ting, Bellevue, WA

“Thank you for the gift of confidence your classes have given me.  I never baked much and am now making pies, cakes, cupcakes, bread and gougeres! The pies are apart of almost every holiday and family get together, so you will be remembered at every celebration year after year. And I plan on teaching my girls to continue the traditions as well.” —Lisa Perpuse, Seattle


The mighty Kim O’Donnel!

“The highest bid was for a mile-high Gravenstein apple pie made by Kate, whose middle name really should be changed to ‘Pie.’” Kim O’Donnel, author, “The Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations”, Seattle, WA

“What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thanks so much for visiting with us and teaching us your secrets to delicious pie. My mother-in-law is visiting as well this weekend and said it was the best pie crust she’s ever had! And trust me, she’s not one to hand out a lot of complements.” —Suzanne Ledet, Austin, TX

“I feel like I can bake any pies now!” —Mabel Wong, London, England

”The crust came out AMAZING. The flake was perfect. No cookbook can ever replicate the experience of learning to do something by hand.” Jonathan Kauffman, Former Food Editor, Seattle Weekly


Kate’s Pie in 2008 Saveur Best 100

“I’m glad Kate’s pie crust is getting the attention it deserves! Everybody’s still raving about it around here.” —Beth Kracklauer, Senior Editor, Saveur Magazine, New York, NY

“I can’t get over the crust–it’s certainly the best one we’ve ever tested in the kitchen. It will also be the one I use at home from now on!” —Liz Pearson, Kitchen Director, Saveur Magazine, New York, NY

“I had been wanting to take Kate’s pie class for years, but life kept getting in the way. I finally got there and wow, I am so glad I finally made it. Thanks to Kate, I now have crazy mad pie baking skills and have already within a week of class turned out a delicious blueberry pie with lattice crust! I now know that it’s so much more than just a recipe–it’s a combination of ingredients and technique combined with the knowledge of what to look for every step of the way–it is truly an art. I’m not a novice to cooking or baking, but I learned more than I would have believed possible in Kate’s class, and I know I can carry that over into all my culinary endeavors. I’ve taken many many cooking classes over the years and besides being a pie virtuoso, Kate is a wonderful teacher; I can honestly say this is the best class I’ve ever taken. I had so much fun, and I cannot wait for pie camp!” —Gwen Brass, Whidbey Island, WA

“OK, when I told everyone that I was flying 2500 miles to Seattle to take a pie making class they said ‘really?’, and truthfully I was a little skeptical myself. I thought: ‘What did my wife rope me into this time?”. All those doubts soon disappeared once I placed myself in the capable hands of Kate. Not only did I learn to make a great pie, but I learned that pie is something bigger than what’s in that 9” dish. In fact, I learned a kind of pie gestalt, and beyond the great crust and wonderful filling is something made with love and infused with feelings of family and friends, tradition, and wonderful memories. Thank you Kate, it was worth the trip!” —Richard Goldman, Moreland Hills, OH

“My daughter and I traveled from Dallas to Port Angeles for the sole purpose of attending this class. It was an incredible experience and well worth the trip! I highly recommend it to all.” —Jan Sharry, Dallas, TX

“Thank you for making the class so relaxing and fun that I am not intimidated to make and share pies!” —Robin Hurwitz, San José, CA

“I am fortunate enough to live just a few houses from Kate and the Pie Cottage but not until yesterday did I have the opportunity to take her wonderful pie class! Little did I realize just what I would be bringing home: not just a wonderfully made, warm, beautiful pie, but so much more.  Through Kate’s guidance, her ideas about baking, recommendations about utensils and equipment, pie history, stories, and most importantly, the wonderful life lessons she imparted all made this a day well spent. I loved that I should approach my pie making with ‘intention’ and bring to it a spirit of love. Working around the table with others, laughing, sharing and working with our hands was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Sharing my pie with friends and family was the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Thank You, Kate & Greta!” —Marilyn Perkins, Port Angeles, WA

cover_novdec09“I’ve started calling it the Miracle Pie when describing it to friends. There is much skepticism that this crust is that good; I will just have to show ‘em all the truth.” Jill Lightner, Editor Edible Seattle, Seattle, WA

“Oh my goodness!  Hard to say what makes your pie the great, all time defining apple pie in the universe.  Is it the perfect crust?” Poppy Tooker, Eat It To Save It, New Orleans, LA

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sunday morning I baked a pie for friends and family visiting from Mississippi. I used fresh raspberries that I picked from my bushes. I put on my apron and spent an enjoyable morning making pie. I used a little orange liqueur like you suggested. They were really impressed to smell a fresh baked raspberry pie on arrival. The pie looked pretty good and it was delicious. I loved your workshop, sharing pie making in your warm and welcoming manner in your incredible pie cottage with sweetie pie Greta; it could not have been more perfect. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and the joy of pie making.” —Carolyn Holmes, Montana

“What Kate is doing may appear to be pie making on the buttery, flaky surface, but underneath there’s love, compassion, acceptance, and peace swirling around that sweet, fruit filling. In a sense I already knew her and her pies from spending time on her website, but what can’t be translated easily on the internet is heart, spirit, and kindness. Look them up in a dictionary and I’m pretty sure you’ll see photos of Kate. Thank you for sharing so much with us and with the world. You made it one of the best days of my life and I’m well on my way to learning the gift of pie. And world, if you have a chance to learn with Kate, please do.” Matt Amendariz, Photographer, Los Angeles

There is nothing better than a day spent in good company, with good food and a teacher with an open heart. Kate ostensibly teaches how to make pie but what she truly imparts is the confidence to believe in yourself and trust your own instincts. Letting go of the belief that there is a perfect way to make pie opened me up to all kinds of new possibilities ~ pie and otherwise. Kate made that happen in just a few hours on a hot summer day! Pie Cottage is a refuge and Kate’s class is a haven.”
—Andrea Ballard, Olympia, WA

“The class was everything I had hoped it would be – fun, informative, and full of new insights and learning.  I really enjoyed your approach to ‘teaching’ and felt we had a really good mix of students.  Thanks so much for offering the class and your encouragements and integration of ‘life’ into the pie -baking experience.  I hadn’t thought of having music on while making pies but I will from here on out.” — Pat Gebhart, Shelton, WA

“This testimonial is from a person who has struggled for years with pie dough.  Always following the recipes to a ‘t’ – I found that the dough would fall apart when rolling.  An experienced pie making friend of mine told me one day to just add more shortening.  I did and things were better for me in the pie making department.  My friend was taught to ‘feel’ the dough rather than follow a recipe.  When I saw that she signed up and graduated from Pie Camp, I thought I could benefit from a class too.  I did the 1/2 day session with Kate and came home feeling confident to tackle some pies for the holidays.  Class teaches lots of helpful tips as well as suggested products to use.  Kate made the class fun.” —Dianne LaBissoniere, Yakima, WA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful pie class yesterday! You did a terrific job in inspiring us to be pie makers and also in taking the fear out of pastry making that so many people have. That alone is a great service to home cooks. My cherry pie was divinely delicious last night and my dinner guests loved it! I’ve used Julia Child’s pastry crust recipe for years, but your excellent recipe will now replace Julia’s.” —Susan Grijava, Redmond, WA 

“I thought I made a so so pie before but now I know what a pie can truly be.  I also now know the joy of an amazing crust and what I need in myself to accomplish such a task (which is not as big and SCARY as I thought it would be). This class was *much* more than than pie making it was filled with not only tricks and tips of pie making but also how making a pie can reflect to life.  Pie Making and Life coaching rolled into one and filled with love and so much more.  Thank you Kate for sharing your love and joy of life and pie and bringing some brightness and gentle reminders to my life.” —Meg Hunter, Seattle, WA

“I had such a good time last evening learning from you and enjoyed every single moment! I so admire your initiative and commitment to master an art and share it with others. Your passion for creating a positive communal experience is evident in your very being. Keep up the good work: in this ever changing world we need to hold on to some of our earliest memories of coziness, good food, and sharing. I now feel empowered to invite my friends over for an evening of delicious pie.” —Janet Morimoto, San Francisco, CA

“I am making my way through what clearly was a profound experience— One clear gift for me was experiencing you as a KIND and GENTLE teacher—-an incredible gift…” —Judy Bartels, Panorama City, WA

Thank you SO much for everything. I really, really enjoyed your class and I can’t believe how confident I am in making pies now!! Thank you for passing along all of your knowledge and creating such a fun day. I came home last night and I couldn’t stop talking about how much I learned. —Eden Passante, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much!  You are delightful. If I could, I would take a pie class every season. We had so much fun.  Memories of our magical pie day at Frog Hollow Farm will be with me for a long time. There is nothing better than picking your own peaches and learning how to turn them into pie just minutes later. It was a very special experience learning from you. —Diane Ruddle, Cupertino, CA

“Fantastic Exceptional Experience. I feel so happy I took the class. What a peach you are!” —Julia Bitondo, Seattle, WA

“Thanks to you!  It was a great time—wonderful to learn more about pie making but also to get immersed in pie culture through you.  I enjoyed the company and the pie tasted great!” —John Pierce, Seattle, WA

“Really enjoyed the class yesterday, and will be signing up for another.” —Sara Graham, Mercer Island, WA

“I can’t tell you what an enjoyable time I had yesterday learning to make pie (pah). I had more fun baking pie with you than I did while visiting Las Vegas last weekend! Thank you so much for being a knowledgable, caring and patient teacher. I have new found ‘crust confidence’.” —Brian Medford, Seattle, WA 

“Was the pie delicious? You bet it was…Kate makes a great crust, and she’s an inspiring teacher…her genius is adding the sugar and starch to the fruit.  The gooseberry filling in that pie was a masterpiece-the perfect balance of sweet and tart with perfect, very lightly thickened juices.” Tom Douglas 2011 Summer Camp, Seattle, WA

“You gave me tools necessary along with words of wisdom to bolster my self-confidence in the kitchen.  What I learned today will enable me to create some wonderful memories for me and my daughter Shelby, thank you so much, it is a gift that is priceless. My husband said it is the best crust he’s ever had!” —Rachelle McCallum, North Bend, WA 

“I so enjoyed my pie class!   It was wonderful and I really like the way you link up pie making and spirituality!” —Karen O’Brien, Seattle, WA

I absolutely loved your pie class!  I want you to know that I learned so much, you are a great teacher.  This summer I will be practicing up a pie storm, and hopefully share your pie wisdom with my kids. —Sherri Estep, West Seattle, WA

My pie is beautiful, yummy, and full of love and kindness in addition to tasty nourishment. Kate not only teaches the techniques of creating a delicious pie but also fills the class with a spirit of zest and appreciation. The four hours flew by and I ended up with both my gorgeous pie and a nourished spirit. Sarah Anderson Boyd, Edmonds, WA

“Thanks so much, Kate, it was one of my most enjoyable afternoons in a long time.  I came a neophyte and left  feeling soooo much more confident and ready to tackle my next creation.  Definitely, when life gets you down, PIE UP!” —Pam Gotcher, Yelm, WA

“I will forever be grateful to Kate for demystifying the process of making a delicious pie. Her class has given me the skills and confidence that I needed, and I see many wonderful pies in my future! The champagne at the end of class wasn’t bad either.” —Kathy Goldman, Moreland Hills, OH

“I have had years of experience in making high quality French pastries, even croissants and pains au chocolat, but was never really satisfied with my basic, American pies. Then I read about the Art of the Pie. I could tell just from the ingredients that Kate uses that she knew what she was doing. I signed up as soon as I could find an opening when I would be in Seattle. What a great class. I put aside my digital scale and thermometer and just had fun making pie! The results were fabulous. A perfect crust with lovely fruit. Ok, I know my friends never complained about my pies in the past, but I had never been satisfied. After the class, my most difficult critic (me!) was delighted. So were my friends and family.” —Randy Brook, Twisp, WA

“I want to thank you for a lovely afternoon, a spiritual pie making experience and a delicious result made even better by sharing the day with my son. It was wonderful to share pie with family last night but  I think I enjoyed my piece of leftover pie even more today reflecting on the entire process. You are a gifted, encouraging, enthusiastic teacher. Thank you!” —Anne Aegillis, Mercer Island, WA

“I want to thank you for a wonderful evening, for being such a good teacher, and for sharing your years of pie experience. The class was beautifully structured, and I appreciated how much personal attention you gave to each of us. ..feeling all the ingredients come together, was the highlight of the evening for me.  I’ve been singing praises to all who will listen, I’m that excited and eager to make pie with family and friends! With gratitude” —Kathleen Hayes, Seattle, WA

“I heard from blogs, chefs and friends that you were the VERY best and it was soooo true! By far the BEST Gluten Free pie crust I’ve ever tasted. My family gobbled up every crumb of the pie I brought home. Thank you for your kindness and gentle spirit. It was more than a cooking class. It felt like a visit with a good friend.” —Ivonne Merrin

“I made the Shaker Lemon pie for the first time today. People LOVED it! And no one said, hey is this crust gluten-free? It was scrumptious.” —Leah Hoffman, Seattle, WA

“I really enjoyed learning to make pie and plan to make use of this skill over and over again in the future.” —Michele Aleong, Seattle, Wa

”I had never made a pie before and this class was a wonderful way to learn how! Kate was the best teacher, had a lot of fun, and the pies are delicious!! I want to go out and make another one already.” —Marla Iwata, Seattle, Wa

“Mmmm yum. Mmmm yum. Mmmm yum.” —Julie Sweeney, 20, contented pie eater,  Seattle, WA

“The pie was FABULOUS! We tried to make it last, but gobbled it down. Yummm!” —Stina Booth, Booth Canyon Orchard, Twisp, WA

“I felt the stress knot I’ve carried in my stomach melt away as I watched Kate roll out dough with a familiarity that comes only after years of pie-baking.” —Lorna Yee, The Cookbook Chronicles, Seattle, WA

”My mouth is singing!” —Marguerite Margason, Seattle, WA

“I so enjoyed taking your pie class. I never imagined it would be so easy!” —Mari Osuna, Bainbridge Island, WA

“I’m no longer afraid of making my own crust and can’t wait to bake another pie!” —Allison Terry Arnold, Seattle, WA

“I was always disappointed in my pie crust until yesterday. After your guidance and inspiration, I can honestly say I have no fear.” —dj, Pie Class Graduate, Seattle, WA

”We learned so much and talked about our Pie class all the way home!” —Mikki Holt, Grayland, WA

“Thank you for the wonderful class. My boyfriend grew up with a pie a week Mom…Said that it might be the best pie he’s ever eaten.” —Jenny Richards, Seattle, WA

”You bring such joy and positive energy to teaching and sharing, even the most apprehensive baker would feel inspired. For me, class felt like an affirmation of all the reasons I love to bake and share with friends and family. Thanks for the pie and life lessons.” —Kate Moore, Seattle, WA

“I had such a great time in class and decided to bake two more apples pies when I got home!! Thank you so much for making it so easy and relaxed!” —Helen Halverson, Seattle, WA

“Your class was the best I’ve taken…and I have been making pies regularly since. Don and I plan to take another one this summer with you. I think pies are the epitome of “home” and a great symbol of the womb/mothering/love and am so glad that you have come forward to return this to our crazy culture.” —Suzanne Montagne, Seattle, WA

“So it really is as easy as pie—I never believed that aphorism, until I attended your class. Hooray for pie!” —Barbara Spear, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for a wonderful class. I can think of no better way to spend a Saturday Morning!” —Druska Salisbury-Milan, Seattle, WA

” I had such a wonderful time baking with you…Truly the most memorable Valentine’s Day I have had in my 40 years on the planet!” —Jennifer Zumek, Seattle, WA

“My husband is swooning…he says this is the best pie he’s ever tasted!” —Cynthia Gottman, Seattle, WA

“The pie…got me at least one offer to father babies!” —Eric Tilleson, Seattle, WA

“Thank you for one of the best food classes I have ever taken. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm, knowledge, and obvious love of what you are doing. What I took away from your class is that pie making is not just the act of preparing a dessert for that evening’s meal, but an art that satisfies the body, mind and soul. My company last night decided that we could/should have skipped dinner and gone straight for dessert!!” —Cindy Hohlbein, Seattle, WA

“After 50 years of making crusts, Kate took away my fear!” —Kay McKenzie, Seattle, WA

“Thank you…thank you… thank you, Kate. I had so much fun and now I feel like my life is complete. I can actually make a pie from scratch. I don’t have to be afraid anymore. I feel like I can accomplish anything. It was truly a life changing experience!” —Cheryl Barker, Sammamish, WA

“I LOVED it!!! Have told all my friends and family. I have made several pies since learning from you and even my son Ethan is impressed!” —Francia Russell Stowell, Seattle, WA 

“I took my pie bounty to my neighbors house tonight for an impromptu dinner/dessert. THEY LOVED IT, especially the crust. As I was cutting the pie into slices one of them made a comment that you could ‘hear’ the crust.” —Lisa Lane, Seattle, WA

“This class was even more fun than I thought it could ever be. Your generosity in sharing your skills and teaching style was truly amazing.” —Monica Tackett, Seattle, WA

“Kate’s pie class was worth the trip to Seattle! My two year-old son keeps asking for ‘more pie!” —Sara Fikes, Palo Alto, CA

“I am flying through the flour, butter and lard these days and turning out beautiful pies and incredible tasties!  I have incorporated your wonderful idea for dedicating each pie and it makes the process even more special. Yesterday, I brought a strawberry/rhubarb pie to family for Easter dinner.  It is such a nice feeling to walk through someone’s door with a fragrant pie in hand.  Thanks for being such a great mentor!” —Jan Fick, Bainbridge Island, WA

“Made a wonderful mixed berry pie last night for Easter dinner that got rave reviews.  And the best thing was it was totally impromptu – I hadn’t planned on making a pie and it was a wonderfully liberating feeling to say – let’s have pie and to have everything I needed on hand and just whip it up to everyone’s amazement!  I never would have done that before your class.” —Beth Clark, Seattle, WA

”15 pies later, and I am so happy that I took your class! In the old days I loved the pie, but hated the process. Now, just picking up my rolling pin makes me relax.” —Erin Foy

“Thank you for a wonderful class last month. Jennifer, Teri and I had a great time and learned so much! We all felt completely immersed! We went back to my house and had pie for dinner! We all agreed it was the best pie we’ve ever had. We learned well and most importantly that it’s just pie and it doesn’t have to be perfect. The best part is that even when it doesn’t look perfect, it tastes perfect!” —Maria Baker

“I am so glad I took your class. I never thought of myself as a baker. Your class expands my repertoire, and gives me a perfect way to end a meal. Thank you for sharing your no nonsense approach and perfect crust.” —Chris Keyser, Seattle, WA

“I loved the class. I study what good teaching is about – and you belong in my files on great instructors. The time flew by” —Patricia Vadasy, Seattle, WA

“I do not come from a family of bakers. Kate was the ‘aunt’ that taught us how to bake a truly delicious pie the old fashioned way, with our senses and with intention. It’s often said that baking is an exact science, but Kate taught us that pie baking is not as clinical, and really requires one’s personal touch and knowing the right feel of the dough. Our pies came out beautifully were as scrumptious as they looked! Soon, my own children will learn the art of the pie.” —Emiko Luisi,  Woodinville, WA

“We all had a wonderful time and are most appreciative of your knowledge, food, company and of course…the pie!” —Lauri Tadlock, Woodinville, WA

“Just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciated your class. I’ve just baked a couple of pies on my own, and they look fabulous!!  I had a great time putting together the crust and feel completely at home with it now. What a great gift you have shared.” —Linda Merelle

“When I was perusing your website with all the pictures of grads, I saw someone I knew. She’s the daughter of a friend’s cousin and I don’t see her very often. But, low and behold, I saw her the very next day and asked about the pie-making class. She said it was ‘one of the best experiences of her life.’” —A friend in Seattle

“Thank you again for a wonderful class. Katie and I had so much fun in addition to learning a lot of information, and not just about pies.  Hope to take another class in the very near future. Port Angeles has the best ambience.” —Helen Richardson, Bremerton, WA

“Thanks again for another great class. The pies were amazing and a big hit here and at my office. Pie for breakfast, pie for lunch, pie for dinner…makes one happy! I just never knew that making pie could be so much fun and so EASY! My mother loved the class and is excited to try out her new skills.” —Megan Landis, Seattle, WA 

“Really loved the idea of setting an intention with each pie. It never occurred to me with baking. Was really touched by this.” —Megan Gordon, KQED: Bay Area Bites, San Francisco, CA

“Thanks for teaching me to bake the best pie by far that I ever have. I had a piece tonight and it was so delicious. You are a master.” —Celeste Maier, Port Angeles, WA

“Learning to make pie with Kate is a reminder that when we live with intention, good things happen.” —Erin MacDougall, Seattle, WA

“My wife and I received Kate’s class as a wedding gift. THis class was very special for us and when we make pie together for years to come, it will serve as a sweet reminder of our wedding day.” —Steven Walters, Seattle, WA

“I can’t tell you how profoundly moving your class was to me, especially to have that experience with my little guy who loves to bake…It was the highlight of 2010!” Rachel Hart Rios, Editor, Seattle Magazine”

“Thanks for the brilliant class, Kate. My pie connoisseurs at home pronounced the cherry pie I made and took home the best pie they had ever had. Considering the grandma and auntie-made pies they are comparing against, that’s high praise indeed. I’m looking forward to making the next pie.” —Steve Rinn, Seattle, WA

“Our pie was wonderful, the crust perfect. (My kids are now convinced I’m the “best mom in the world”!) —Catherine Jerome, Seattle, WA

“It was a real treat for my grand-daughter to bake the pie at home with me. The mix of the two kinds of cherries was exceptionally good.” —Patricia Wahl, Seattle, WA

“This was the ‘Belgian beer’ of pie. For me that’s the highest compliment I can give.” —Robert Bailey, Port Angeles, WA

“It was a true delight to bake with you. I cannot wait to make my next pie!!” —Brittaney MacFarland, Sonoma, CA

“I wanted to say again just how much fun I had. The pie was wonderful and my husband is already making plans for our next one!” —Shannon Valderas, Shoreline, WA

“I so enjoyed the class. I made the Shaker Lemon Pie and it was excellent. I got wonderful compliments on the crust. Finally, I have Pie Confidence!” —Donna King, Camano Island, WA

“I just made my first pie since the class. Amazing! The crust was heavenly and I’m stoked!” —Calm Israel, Seattle, WA

“Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon/evening last Sunday and a very delicious blueberry pie to tale home to my family, when my daughter and I took your Art of the Pie class. What a fun way to celebrate National Pie Day—gluten free at that! I will long remember the experience and use what I learned in class. Thank you.” —Jo Anne Fox, Bothell, WA

“I can’t stop making pies! I love making pies, thanks to you.” —Dan Sufoa, Puyallup, WA

“The pie was summery bright, tart and sweet. The crust was flakey perfection! I was so touched that I had to let you know how much I appreciated learning this life-long skill. Words can’t express how delighted I am.” —Lani Aviado, Seattle, WA

“Thanks again for the great class. We really enjoyed ourselves and the pies were great. Unfortunately, when we got home we were greeted by 8-9 hungry teenagers who made short, but compliment heavy work, of both pies.” —David G Thyer, Seattle, WA

“Kate’s class finally helped me understand how to make a pie crust work. No matter how much you read or hear…there’s no substitute for a hands-on experience guided by a master of the art. The class is taught in a fun and forgiving environment that makes you want to just go home and keep making pies, which is what I intend to do.” —Zev Handel, Seattle, WA

“Art of the Pie will will down in the laurels as the most successful gift! Thank you so much.” —Patricia Ellingham, Seattle, WA

“I have made several pies since taking the class and for the first time in my life I actually can brag about how good something I make is. Your class was the most satisfying class I have ever taken!” —Vicky Frank, Lake Forest Park, WA

“Thank you for the great class we had on Saturday. We have been moved into a new pie bracket! Thank you for making pie worth eating again.” —Chortney Ruesch

“I participated in your fabulous pie class on Presidents Day. This being 3.14, it is officially mathematical “Pi” day.  Just another good excuse to make a pie! I called and ordered my leaf lard and thought this would be a great day for it to come. If it does, you can bet that I will warm up my oven!” —Suzanne Kelley

“I made my first pie after taking your class a week ago and I must say you have helped me up my pie mojo by several  notches! —Don Brocha, Woodinville, WA

“Your kindness and thoughtfulness together with your passion is an irresistible combination! My pie (with all your love and support) was gone in less than 3 minutes. Our IT Department wants another one and now the Accounting Department is also requesting one. They even gave me a 9” pie pan to put it in! I heard no less than 8 times (once for each piece) that this was the best pie they’d ever tasted.” —Laura Johannsen, Seattle, WA

“Thank you again for such a wonderful experience(and delicious pie). Peggy said it was the best pie she has ever had!” —Mark Pirak, Stanwood, WA