The Market at Lavardac & The Chateau

Early morning room with a view.

After nearly falling asleep at the table last night, I woke up this morning when the sky was just beginning to lighten, opened the window and realized that this isn’t a dream. I’m really in a very rural and most lovely part of France.

After the nearly classic breakfast this morning of café au lait, rice cake (I’m saving up my gluten time for a really good croissant) with butter and jam, and a sweet juicy ripe pear,

A beautiful Autumn day at the Lacardac Wednesday market.



Kate and I headed to Lavardac for the Wednesday market,  a little over 30 minutes from Agen.

Dominique and Christiane Chopalard






Here we bought raw milk, yogurt and sausage from Dominique Chopalard and his delightful wife Christiane.

I have met Dominique a number of times in the Pacific Northwest when he and Kate come to teach their very popular chacuterie classes but it meant so much more to see him on his home turf. Before I had even gotten to Kate’s last night, we stopped by his family farm to say hello. So nice to know people here. In some small way it makes me feel as if I belong.

The Chapel at the chateau.

Before we left the market, we picked up some cheese and vegetables and then headed off to make our final arrangements at the gîte where our 10 participants in “Pie, Pie & Eye” will be staying, Chateau de Saint-Loup en Albret.

The elegant 17th century chateau is owned by Beatrice and Arnauld de Mentque who are doing an amazing job of restoring it.

Old photo of the Chateau I spied on the wall.

We’ll be doing much of our gathering here for class demonstrations when we’re not off on in the country side on field trips. It is a gracious and lovely setting. The chapel is stunning and I hope to be able to peak inside. Tomorrow afternoon our students will arrive.

Kate underneath the chateau. This is original from the 17th century.

Back at Kate’s we prepared a simple lunch from the treasures of the day at the market and enjoyed it outside in the warm sun. It was 68F today. If this is global warming, I’m not complaining right now.


I stayed home after to soak in the big clawfoot tub and take a nap safely guarded by the sweet house puppy, “Bacon” while Kate headed to Agen for some chores.




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