The Power of Pie

Just as I was starting to demonstrate how to make pie dough at last night’s class, my phone did it’s little “ding-ding” text-message thing. Being that my hands weren’t in the bowl and covered with flour and fats yet, and that the ding was so well-timed, I pulled my phone out of the deep apron pocket and saw that I had received a text from my friend, Kelly Cline.

Kelly's Flowers

“You should check your porch ;)”, I read out loud to the four pie makers at the table.

Four pairs of eyes followed as I went to the door and opened it. Laying on the doormat just outside I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers in shades of my favorite colors of pink.

At least one at class asked if this was planned.

“Not in the least!” I replied to their smiling faces and set them on the counter.

When making dough, I always take a moment to think about someone and put an intention “into” my bowl. Kelly went right “into the bowl” and I texted her right back telling her so.

Lately I have been experiencing things like this nearly daily.

You may remember that last week, a “web angel” showed up just when I was having an emergency.

Here’s another:
Purely on a whim, Tuesday I stopped to see a friend on the Olympic Peninsula that I hadn’t seen for about a year. Before I had even come round to the passenger side of the car, he opened the front door of his house and with tears in his eyes said, “I thought I had lost you forever and here your are!”

At that very moment when I decided to take the back road that passed near by his house, he had been trying to locate me via old telephone numbers without success and then I showed up!

And, today after shopping, I spied a business card on the ground near my car. For some reason I decided to pick it up. It was someone I had been looking for and thought I had lost, too!

Does this stuff happen to you? Not sure what really is going on but if this is the power of pie it’s pretty darned amazing!

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  1. says

    Going to make em cry woman :)

    and no… totally wasn’t planned. I was at the store and was thinking of Kate quite strongly, saw those pink flowers and they asked to be brought to her :) You can’t say no when a whole bouquet asks so nicely in unison 😉

  2. Jackie Baisa says

    I seriously had chills reading this. You are IN TOUCH with your universe, Kate! Love it! And those flowers are gorgeous; Kelly is an amazingly thoughtful person. Lucky you! xox

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