Time is my friend

Time for a nap

Here’s my current list of things I want to have more time in my day for:

  • create new recipes (savory, sweet, gluten free…)
  • sew (need new aprons)
  • garden (oh my!…planting will be upon us soon)
  • walk (a good walk every day is medicine for the body, mind and spirit)
  • see friends (let’s all get together for a week and really catch up)
  • travel (France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, New Zealand…)
  • knit (K1, P1, PSSO…)
  • take drawing and painting classes (I want to create pies in other ways, too!)
  • write letters to be sent via snail mail (don’t you just love getting something special in the mailbox that’s not a bill?)
  • read (a pile of unread books by the bed is like money in the bank)
  • nap (what a luxury that is!)

OK, that’s what I’m thinking about tonight as I turn out the light. What about you?

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  1. says

    I like the one about books and money in the bank. Reminds me of another saying about books I’ve heard all my life. Grandma used to say, “As long as you have a good book, you’re never without a friend.”

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