What’s on the Shelf?

Lots of driving today. Kate and I traveled the 90 minutes back to Toulouse to pick up Tim Clinch at the airport this morning. Tim is the international photographer who is covering the “Eye” portion of Pig, Pie & Eye.

After we unloaded his gear, our places were quickly found at Kate’s Camont cozy table for a lunch and last minute workshop instructions before Kate and I headed off to the grocery.

In my 30’s and 40’s I hated going to the local grocery and purchased most of our grocery needs through a 12-family food buying club established when my son, Duncan, was not even a year old.

Now I find that walking the aisles and looking over the market shelves is fun and a feast for the eyes.

Today I walked up and down the French super market aisles, eyes wide open like a child, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at what is available. The market was like candy to my eyes. A few colorful images below.

Flour and sugar

I feel lucky if I have two different salts on my regional shelves. Not to worry here!

Don't see this on my local shelves...canned cassoulet and confit.

What makes us girls smile in any language? Chocolate!

Tomorrow: Traveling the Gascon country side with all our ten members shopping for classes and lunch. Plus a surprise our two along the way!

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